"The GARDEN.....The symbolism is superb!!  and ahhhhhh...the melody...delicious!  It's the kind of song that has universal appeal!"
-Helene, NYC

"My favorite song is DUBLIN cause it's not a slow or fast song and it's catchy!" 

    -  Santi, 16, Miami, FL
"My favorite song off the sampler is DUBLIN because of the guitar and the beat."
              - John, 19, Wilkesboro, NC
"My favorite song is the GARDEN...it's catchy, and fun...and my opinion, romantic!"
              - Jennifer, 17 Casper, WY
"My favorite song is The Garden because it has great lyrics and I like the music."
              - Todd, 30 New Jersey
"David's music is like nothing like anything that I have ever heard before!  I listened to it ONCE and I was HOOKED!" -Crissy, 21 Cleveland, OH


" I love it!  It is different in a refreshing way!"
- Mike, 22 Columbus, OH

"I LOVE David's music!  The Garden is such a great song..it is catchy, upbeat and infectious!  The harmonies are so beautiful!"

              - Michelle, 22 Columbus, OH

" David is a wonderful lyricist!  His voice is so wonderful and delicious!  Ahhhh  I just love the song THE GARDEN...  He is one talented individual!"
-Angela, 19, Cleveland, OH

"Dublin is the greatest song that I have ever heard!  It beats everything ever made, and everything that ever will be made by anyone.  I think he will go ALL THE WAY with this record! "
              - John, 22 Elgin, SC
" My favorite song is The Garden, it is very melodic."
              - "Matchgirl8", 32 Philadelphia
"When the River Fades...I love the imagery of the lyrics and the entire mood of the piece."
              - Dana, 24 Kansas City, KS
" My favorite song on the sampler is Dublin.  I think the "funkish" guitar really drives the song!"
              - "FretTaco" 17, Johnson City, TN
"The Garden...because it is the kinda song that really sticks in your head!"
              - Emily 18, Vancouver BC
"My favorite song is...Dublin.  I'm Irish and there's just something about it!"
              - "Porceluna" 13, Virginia