ONE HECK OF A DRIVE!     "I'm originally from Delaware, but one day I took a drive with my now wife, and ended up in Burbank.  "Duncans favorite all time band is Lynyrd Skynyrd, he also likes King's X.  He currently likes the new Jars of Clay album a lot.    "I was inspired by the sounds I heard coming from my older brothers and sisters stereos, anything from Aerosmith and Skynyrd, to disco, also Bowie and Deep Purple."

    Duncan goofed off on the piano for awhile, but he said once he picked up his first guitar, it was over...  "I got interested in the guitar because its a very good instrument to convey many different moods... joy, anger, pain, humor, love, etc... it really is a limitless instrument."  Duncan met David Culiner ten years ago when he answered an ad in a local music magazine.  "He wasn't gonna give me the time of day until I told him that I played a Gibson Les Paul, and then he perked right up.  It's not just a guitar, it's THE guitar!

     Duncans favorite song on the demo is Dublin.  "I like the dreamy feeling that we were able to accomplish in the "...Dublin Dreeeaaammm..." section.  It's one of my favorite Culiners songs overall.

"The greatest thing to do is to kill all the lights, pop on some headphones and listen away...  It's a great feeling, like taking a bath.   Not a shower, but a bath... Is this making any sense or am I giving you too much information?!?"

What does Duncan like best, playing gigs, recording, or just playing for fun?

    "It all depends on where I'm playing, who I'm playing for, and if I'm getting paid!  I like the fact that in the studio there is always that chance for a 'do over'.  Make a mistake?  No problem, just rewind the tape and do it over 'til you get it right.  But there's no feeling like playing live for people who really honestly enjoy the music.  There is a certain 'vibe' that happens, even if the band isn't doing it's best, when the crowd is into it and I just don't want to stop playing.  I always play for fun, when it's no longer fun, I'll no longer play."

Behind The Scenes....

     "Ok, you asked... we eat lots of Ding Dongs and go to get Chiliburgers at 2 am, after we have had our fill of doughnuts.  I'm surprised we're all not on Jenny Craig!"


   "Every time someone claps, smiles, sings along, says 'Rock on!' or whatever form of appreciation that they want to show, that for me is the most rewarding experience."

    "I've got lots of memories... I met some really great people, met a few heroes, you know, guys who I used to hang posters of up on my bedroom wall when I was growing up."

    "When I was 14 years old, my dad took me to the music store and bought me my Gibson Les Paul guitar, because he thought I had talent.  He said something like, 'A great guitar player should have a great guitar.'  I still own that guitar and you can hear it all over the Culiner record.  I've had it signed by Gary Rossington, the guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd and one of those 'heroes' that were hanging on my wall many moons ago."

Duncans Heroes
(The People on the Posters)

  "Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I had a lot of Skynyrd posters, even some 'black light' posters.  Deep Purple, Dio, Dokken, Randy Rhodes from Ozzys old band, and other heavy metal bands.  I was (and still am) really into classical music, but you go try find a poster of Bach, Beethoven, or Poganini."

    "I got to say though, the term hero as I'm using it isn't really correct.  They were just guys who I thought played well.  Real heroes fight fires, cure sick people, raise unwanted children... I just needed to say that."


  Originally from New Jersey, Pete Maloney has lived in California for 10 years.  He met David Culiner through the Bass player from Tonic, four years ago.  Dave had the song structure, he wanted Petes input.  "He wanted me to interpret it my own way.  Dave is very open to other peoples ideas."

 Believe it or not,  Pete actually started   out playing the trumpet.  When he decided he didn't want to play that anymore, he started drums.  He took seven years of lessons.  "My teacher didn't just show me how to play the drums, he taught me how to be musical. 

 Pete said that he loved the Beatles, but Led Zepplin inspired him more than anything.  He really connected with the band.  One of Petes favorite bands is Radiohead.  "Creep is the best song."  He also thinks Shaun Colvin is brilliant.

"The people that buy the records are responsible for the bands success, they make music, they empower the band."

   Pete loves it when he plays in front of people who go crazy!  "When the fans get excited and go insane, like you can do no wrong, that's when you know, you're going to do no wrong!"

Some of the places Pete says he loves playing in are, Ohio, Chicago, Rhode Island, and Atlanta.  "A lot of Bands hate playing in L.A. usually the only people that come to see you are the jaded industry people just coming to see what you play."

 "The people that buy the records are the people that can be heard.  Record companies don't buy records, and most of them don't care about the quality of music."  Pete said he doesn't like when the record companies take the first rows of seats at a concert.  He likes the fans to be right there.  "A huge area separating us, takes away all the energy."