David has made it possible for all of his fans to listen to his wonderful music!  He has made a compilation for your listening pleasure.  Also, (this is the best part) David has let us put a song on his website that most of you haven't heard before!  It is called "Swingset".  This is a great song.  The melody, the music, and the lyrics, those elements are what makes this song.  it is a wonderfully crafted!

We made the music available to you through Real Audio!  All you have to do is 
download Real Player and you will be set.  If you don't have the real player, you have to get it to hear the music.  It is free to download.  You can download it at Real Audio's web site.  It only takes about 5 minutes to download. 

Also, David Culiner has given us a list of his favorite records and songs.  His inspirations and much more are on this list.  Take a look at David's Recommendations!