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     It's hard to believe that the time has come to leave behind the secure
environment of the recording studio to finally bring the songs from Implode to
all of you live and in person! For this first tour, I'd like to do something
special for you in return for the unwavering support and encouragement you've
express towards me and the band for these last few years. 

     So....instead of going the usual route of having an agent (who doesn't know,
or truly care about me or you) book a "routine" tour, what I'd like to do is
have all of you help to decide which cities should be included for the first
run. And it won't be the ordinary band setup. I'll be coming to you
alone...It will just be you, me, the acoustic guitar I wrote Implode on, and
the songs themselves. That's it. It will be intimate and raw...just like how
the songs sounded when they were first composed in my bedroom. Once the tour
and holiday season pass, I'll then bring out the band for you in the New Year
so we can really get after it. Sound like a plan? 

     Please e-mail Expanse Recordings with the following information that will help
us to decide where the road should take me. 

     As always, I truly appreciate you letting me share my music with you. Here's
to finally meeting in person!!!


1. Your City and State.
2. The most happening intimate acoustic music club (preferably an all-ages
venue) in town.
3. Your favorite radio station and independent radio show.
4. The best local music rag.
4. The coolest record store in town.
5. Names of those of you willing to help publicize the event.
6. Any other suggestions you may have.