Simply put, the following records (for better or for worse) are the reason why
I make music.  Many came out well before your time but trust me on
them....they are beautiful pieces of art.  I highly suggest venturing to your
local record store (used if you like) and grabbing any that may sound
appealing.  And more often than not, they have cool covers to boot.  Enjoy!


AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB (1994 sparse folk/lounge rock) - San Francisco
The bar is closed and the bartender refuses to pour you another and you've got
noone left to hold onto.  Sweet songs that chronicle the beauty of

THE BEATLES - Any of their records but especially Revolver for its incredibly trippy foray into their experimental stage and Abbey Road which simply put, is the perfect album.

 BLACK SABBATH (60's - 70's) - Any of them will do...especially  Sabbath Bloody
Sabbath  and  Paranoid.  It's like being hit by a truck.  I LOVE them.

 DAVID BOWIE (late 60's rock/glam) -  Man Who Sold The World
Songs that transport you.  Features one of my heroes, Mick Ronson, on guitar.

 DAVID BOWIE (early 70's rock/glam) - Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
A classic.  Just get it.

METALLICA (1986-Hard Rock) - Master of Puppets
Lyrically, one of the most beautiful albums I've heard.  "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" was (and is) the blueprint for my lyric writing.  Like them or not, they did it on their own terms.  We should all be so lucky/brave.

 LED ZEPPELIN (rock) - Any and all of their records...especially  Physical Graffiti" Music with crawl spaces.  There will never be another band like them.

MONTROSE (1973 - Hard Rock) -  Montrose and Paper Money
What's the record that kept you up all night the first time you heard it?
These were mine.  Amazing straight-ahead rock songs.  To say I was obsessed
with Montrose would be a gross understatement.  And guess what?  I recently
tracked down and met Ronnie Montrose.  He even played guitar on one of the songs
("Human Shield") from the record.  Imagine working with one of your
heroes......You bet your ass I'm excited!!!

 MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1991 - Rock) -  Loveless
Beyond description.  Guitars and more guitars and more guitars and more guitars.  If you see the cover, that's what it sounds like.

 PEARL JAM  -  Ten
A no-brainer.

 SANTANA (60's and 70's) Any and all of them...Especially  Santana and Abraxas
Incredibly soulful songs with a multi-ethnic groove that you have to be braindead not to enjoy.  I've got a photo of Carlos Santana on my guitar.  Yeah...I like them.

 SUGAR - (90's rock/pop) -  Copper Blue
It's like taking a bath in a wave careening guitars.  It's principal member
Bob Mould (ex-Husker Du) writes, plays and sings with a passion that makes me
want to trade my guitar for a pair of bowling shoes.  I want to be just like
him when I grow up.

 ROBIN TROWER (70's hard rock) -  Twice Removed From Yesterday and Bridge of Sighs
Another of my early guitar-heroes.  Definite tunes for the headphones.  If you like Hendrix, get it.  Trust me.

 JOHN COLTRANE (1950/60's jazz) - "Giant Steps" and "A Love Supreme" -
Regardless of your preference in music, these rank with the darkest, yet
sexiest grooves ever captured on tape.  Coltrane's riffs came straight from
the deepest corners of an incredibly vulnerable and sad soul.

MILES DAVIS (1960's jazz) - "Kind of Blue" - A sultry arrogance that
defies stereotype or definition.  Will forever remain timeless.  You'd have to
be braindead not to be able to climb inside this stuff.